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Water Rescue Awareness

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Great information on awareness from LFD, VA Division 3 Technical Rescue Team

icon Water Rescue Awareness


Prehospital Drowning Treatment by Dr. Sempsrott

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Midazolam Concentration Change

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September 2016 Protocol Update and Education

The Drug Box Exchange will take place the week of September 6th - 9th.  BMH drug box exchange will be on Thursday, September 8th and LGH drug box exchange will take place on Friday, September 9th.  BREMS and the pharmacy will be working with the individual agencies on the logistics of the individual agency times for the exchange.   Please be patient during this process.

Here are the education presentations for the changes.  Please review the handouts, power points and the updated medication formulary.  If you feel your providers would like more education, please contact the BREMS office.

The updated February 2017 protocols- 

icon BREMS Sept. 2016 Expanded Protocol Overview
icon Levophed- Norepi- Sept. 2016
icon Dextrose 10%- Sept. 2016
icon IN Presentation- Sept. 2016
icon Toradol- Sept. 2016
icon Updated Medication Formulary- Sept. 2016
icon D10% Administrative Directive Sept. 2016 

QuikClot Training:  Please use this website for the QuikClot Hemostatic Dressing.  Print the certificate off at the end of the training for your agency records.
QuikClot Combat Gauze LE training Program

BREMS Heart Code ACLS Registration

Registration form for the BREMS Heart Code ACLS Computer Training

icon BREMS Heart Code ACLS Registration Form

Update to Physician Signature for PPCR- April 25, 2016

Effective Monday, April 25, 2016:  Phsician signatures are required ONLY when a  medication administration results from an ON LINE or MEDICAL CONTROL ORDER.   The pharmacy administration record has been updated.  Please contact the BREMS office with any questions.  icon Pharmacy Adminstration Record- April 2016

Upcoming ALS Classes

For all classes/courses held at CVCC contact:

Jason Ferguson, Public Safety Programs Director at (434) 832-7797


Pharmacy Administration Record Information

Please look at the attachments regarding the pharmacy administration record in the drub box. 

icon Physician Signature memo
icon Pharmacy Administration Record- April 2015
icon Pharmacy Administration Record Instructions

Upcoming BLS Classes

None Reported

General Classes/Continuing Education