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Reports & Plans

BREMS Approved Abbreviations & Documentation Information

icon Approved Abbreviations

icon CHART Documentation

icon SOAP Document

BREMS Control Substance License

icon 2018 BREMS Controlled Substance License

BREMS Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amednment

icon Clinicial Laboratory Amendment

BREMS Annual Report

icon Annual Report FY 15 



Regional Drug Box & Supply Exchange

icon BREMS Pharmacy Exchange Form

icon BREMS Drug Requisition Sheet

icon BREMS Drug Box Configuration

icon 2015 Drug Box Administration Record Instructions

icon Updated Accudose Supply Tower Form -April 2013

icon 2015 Restocking Agreement

icon BREMS- Bedford Memorial Requisition Form

icon Drug Box Exchange Instructions 


Regional Hospital Diversion Plan- Updated June 2014

icon 2014 Hospital Diversion Plan

Regional MCI Plan- Updated 2014

icon 2014 MCI PLan

Regional Trauma Triage Plan- Updated March 2013

The BREMS Council is responsible for the development of trauma triage guidelines for the region. The purpose of the trauma triage guidelines is to ensure that patients are transported to the most appropriate facility based upon their illness or injury. Download the BREMS Trauma Triage Guidelines here.
icon Trauma Triage Plan 2011

 Regional RSAF Guide- Updated March 2013

RSAF guidebook 2009 RSAF guidebook 2013

Regional Strategic Plan- Updated March 2015

icon 2015 Strategic Plan

Regional STEMI Plan- Updated 2014 
It is preferred to perform EKG's on scene location/residence for possible STEMI patients. 

icon 2014 Regional STEMI Plan

Regional Stroke Plan-  Updated March 2014