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Consolidated Testing

Location: The BREMS Test Site is at Central Virginia Community College located at 3506 Wards Road, Lynchburg, Va. 24502. All students must check-in at the Student Center in the Amherst Hall. 

Time: Testing begins promptly at 8:30am and no one is admitted for testing after that time.

Registration: You must register for test sites NO LATER than 10 days prior to the date of the test.  For online registration, the deadline is midnight.  

Register Online at

Testing Fees:  Initial Practical Test Fee is $50, Practical Retest Fee is $25, Instructor Candidate Written Only is No Charge.  

Students registering on-line may use a credit card.  If paying at the council office or by mail, only checks, cash or money orders are accepted- made payable to BREMS Council.

 For more information contact Jennifer Kersey at 434-947-5934 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

   Testing Candidate downloads/forms: 

   icon 2017 Updated Psychomotor Testing Guide

   icon Accredited BLS Psychomotor Competency Verification Policy

icon CTS Policy 

icon Application for Test Site Personnel

 Instructors: If your EMR or EMT class desires to test at a BREMS Test Site, you must complete a 3rd class report for the test date you are requesting, using the online  test registration site, and submit a list of individuals testing via email to the test site coordinator (Jennifer Kersey - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) 20 days prior to the test site.    

   icon Interim Testing Policy 6-14-11


  What to Bring to the Test Site:   icon CTS Paperwork Requirements- Updated Sept. 2011       



*** BREMS Testing Schedule ***

Watch the test site status for important changes


1/14/17   1/4/17   12/17/16
3/11/17   3/1/17   2/21/17
4/8/17   3/30/17   3/10/17
5/6/17   4/27/17   4/7/17
6/10/17   6/1/17   5/15/17
7/8/17   6/28/17   6/18/17
8/5/17   7/28/17   7/18/17
9/9/17   8/30/17   8/20/17
10/7/17   9/27/17   9/17/17
11/4/17   10/25/17   10/15/17
12/9/17   11/29/17   11/19/17
January – June  2018   TBD    


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