Regional Award Winners

Linda Boon Education Award for Student with Outstanding Contribution to EMS

Stella Ramsey

Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS

Sara McConville

Outstanding Prehospital Provider

Jonathan Bryant

Outstanding EMS Educator

Jeremy Evans

Outstanding EMS Leadership

Robert Overstreet

Outstanding EMS Agency 

Lynchburg Fire Department


2022 BREMS Regional Awards Winners

~ Outstanding Contribution to EMS Telecommuncation - Michael Miller II - Bedford County Emergency Communications

~ 2022 Linda Boon Education Scholarship - Emma Board with Concord Rescue Squad

~ Outstanding EMS Prehospital Provider - Patrick Dukes - Lynchburg Fire Department

~ Outstanding EMS Leadership - John Singer - Moneta Rescue Squad

~ Outstanding Contribution to EMS to EMS Health and Safety - Jennifer Collins - Lynchburg Fire Department - STATE WINNER

~ Outstanding Prehospital Educator - Benjamin Kirkland - Central Virginia Community College

~ Physician with Outstanding Contribution to EMS - Kayla Long, DO


2021 BREMS Regional Awards Winners

~ Excellence in EMS - Dr. Leonard Cohen - Bedford & Campbell County EMS Agencies

~ Outstanding Prehospital Provider - Candace Brown - Lynchburg Fire Department - STATE WINNER

~ Outstanding Prehospital Educator - Robert G. Turner - Lynchburg Fire Department

~ Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS  - Lisa R. Jamerson - University of Lynchburg

~ Outstanding EMS Leadership - William G. Camm - BWXT Emergency Team

~ Outstanding Contribution to EMS Emergency Preparedness & Response - Central Virginia Vaccination Task Force


2020 BREMS Regional Awards Winners


~ Physician with Outstanding Contribution to EMS - Dr. Wendy Wilcoxson

~ Outstanding Prehospital Provider - Sonya Carrico with Delta Response Team

~ Outstanding Contribution to EMS Telecommunication - Brandon Cocke with Bedford County E911

~ Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health & Safety - Susan Walton with Appomattox County

~ Outstanding EMS Leadership - Tom Walton with Delta Response Team

~ Innovation Excellence in EMS - Centra One Flight Team

~ 2020 Linda Boon Education Scholarship - Ethan Regan with Concord Rescue Squad

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