Protocol Development and Review



BREMS Updated Protocols: 

  pdf BREMS Protocols - Updated June 2022 (11.68 MB)  *Updated version to include corrections to Behavioral Emergencies Protocol - Please discard any previous versions.*


Online Training & Information Materials:

document BREMS Protocol Changes - Phase 1 - Feb 2022 (2.46 MB)  - A PowerPoint that outlines changes, updates and new clinical management options.

video New Protocol Format Intro (326.29 MB)  - A voice-guided video explanation of the new protocol format and contents.

pdf Certa Dose Procedure - 2022 (339 KB)  - A how-to-guide on utilizing CertaDose Epi Kits. Please ensure that EMT level providers understand that this will be the only approved method for the use of Epi 1:1000 in Allergic Reaction/Anaphylactic patients. EMTs may not utilize standard syringes or Epi from the BREMS Drug Box for this procedure. The procedure for IM injections is listed below. 

pdf IM Procedure - 2022 (212 KB)  - EMT level providers may also utilize the IM procedure for the administration of Glucagon.

pdf IO Procedure - 2022 (198 KB)  - Advanced EMT level providers may now utilize the IO procedure in their clinical management.

pdf BREMS Drug Box Configuration - Feb 2022 (37 KB)  - This new box configuration reflects the addition of cefazolin/Ancef for use in the setting of open fracture by Paramedic level providers only.

































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