Performance Improvement Committees

Purpose of the Medical & Trauma Performance Improvement Committees

The Performance Improvement Committee (PI) and the Trauma Performance Improvement Committee (TPI), under direction of the Regional Operational Medical Director is responsible for assuring and improving the quality of pre-hospital care within EMS systems that are served by the Blue Ridge Emergency Medical Services Council (BREMS). These committees will work under the provisions of this Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

Virginia EMS Rules and Regulations 12 VAC5-31-600

"An EMS agency shall have an Ongoing Quality Management (QM) Program designed to objectively, systematically, and continuously monitor, assess, and improve the quality and appropriateness of patient care provided by the agency. The QM Program shall be integrated and include activities related to patient care, communications, and all aspects of transport operations, and equipment maintenance pertinent to the agency's mission. The agency shall maintain a QM report that documents quarterly PPCR reviews, supervised by the operational medical director."

Membership of the CQI Committees

The BREMS Regional CQI Committee is comprised of a representative from each locality in the BREMS region, to include CVCC Public Safety Programs and Centra Air and Ground Transport Services. In addition, we have a hospital representative from Trauma Services and the Emergency Room. We also include other area hospitals in the BREMS region.

These meetings have an open-door policy. Any certified EMS Provider in the BREMS Region and All Operational Medical Directors (OMDs) are invited to attend at any time.

The PI Committees shall be comprised of a representative/or their designee from each jurisdiction:

Accredited education program: Lisa Aiken

Air Medical: Robbie Conner

Amherst County: Ben Bond

Appomattox County: Susan Walton

Bedford County / Bedford City: Janet Blankenship, Abbey Johnston, Jodi Shirey

Campbell County: Michelle Turner, Frank Smith, Heidi Morris

Commercial Transport Agency: Jeff Tanner, Jimmy Mitchell, Tom Walton

Hospital Representative: Sarah Beth Dinwiddie, Director for Trauma Services - Centra ED

Lynchburg City: Danny Williams, Candace Brown

Regional Operational Medical Direction Committee: Dr. John Bollig, Dr. Len Cohen, Dr. James Frenchik, Dr. Kayla Long and Dr. Wendy Wilcoxson


pdf BREMS Regional PI Plan (491 KB)

pdf 2021 (491 KB) pdf FY 2023 Q2 PI Report (404 KB)

FY 2023 Q1 Performance Improvement Report

FY 2022 Q4 Field Coordinator Report

FY 2022 Q3 Field Coordinator Report

FY 2022 Q2 Field Coordinator Report

pdf FY 2022 Q1 Field Coordinator Report (331 KB)

pdf FY 2021 Q3 Field Coordinator Report (683 KB)

pdf FY 2021 Q2 Field Coordinator Report (2.07 MB)

pdf FY 2021 Q1 Field Coordinator Report (694 KB)

pdf FY 2020 Q4 Field Coordinator Report (518 KB)

pdf Field Coordinator Quarterly Report Q3 FY2020[1] (1.81 MB)

pdf Field Coordinator Quarterly Report Q2 FY2020 (999 KB)

pdf FY 2020 Q1 Field Coordinator Report (356 KB)





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