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In 2020, The Blue Ridge EMS Council became a hybrid office under the umbrella of the VA Office of EMS, VA Department of Health. BREMS is also one of eleven non-profit EMS councils serving the Commonwealth of Virginia. BREMS serves the City of Lynchburg and the Counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell. The EMS agencies serving the BREMS region include volunteer, career, industrial, commercial and law enforcement organizations.


Regional Director - Mary Kathryn Allen   

Performance Improvement Specialist - Jennifer Kersey

Regional OMD - Kayla Long, DO, FACEP, FAEMS

Administrative Staff Specialist - Lori Meadows



2412 Langhorne Road

Lynchburg, VA 24501

Phone: (434) 947-5934 or toll-free at 1-833-33-BREMS

Fax: (434) 947-3987


The Code of Virginia tasks Virginia's EMS Councils to assess, identify, coordinate, plan and implement efficient and effective regional EMS delivery systems in partnership with Virginia's Office of EMS and EMS Advisory Board to serve the citizens and visitors of the Commonwealth. Specifically, Section 32.1-111.11. of the Code of Virginia reads:

"The Board shall designate regional emergency medical services councils which shall be authorized to receive and disburse public funds. Each council shall be charged with the development and implementation of an efficient and effective regional emergency medical services delivery system."

"The Board shall review those agencies that were the designated regional emergency medical services councils. The Board shall, in accordance with the standards established in its regulations, review and may renew or deny applications for such designations every three years. In its discretion, the Board may establish conditions for renewal of such designations or may solicit applications for designation as a regional emergency medical services council."

"Each council shall include, if available, representatives of the participating local governments, fire protection agencies, law-enforcement agencies, emergency medical services agencies, hospitals, licensed practicing physicians, emergency care nurses, mental health professionals, emergency medical technicians and other appropriate allied health professionals."

"Each council shall adopt and revise as necessary a regional emergency medical services plan in cooperation with the Board."

"The designated councils shall be required to match state funds with local funds obtained from private or public sources in the proportion specified in the regulations of the Board. Monies received directly or indirectly from the Commonwealth shall not be used as matching funds. A local governing body may choose to appropriate funds for the purpose of providing matching grant funds for any council. However, this section shall not be construed to place any obligation on any local governing body to appropriate funds to any council."

"The Board shall promulgate, in cooperation with the State Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board, regulations to implement this section, which shall include, but not be limited to, requirements to ensure accountability for public funds, criteria for matching funds, and performance standards."

(1996, c. 899.)

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